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Shimano BR-5800 105 Par
Shimano BR-5800 105 Par
Morgan Blue Muscle Oil Color1
Kategori: Hudvård
Tillverkare: Morgan Blue
Morgan Blue Muscle Oil Color1
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Pris: 185.00

Muscle Oil Color 1 is an presports not warming massage oil that gives the skin a tanned look. In addition with rosmary and sunflower oil to prevent muscle cramps.
Stimulates the blood flow and prevents the build up of lactic acid. Prevents muscular cramp.
Muscle Oil Color 1 is 100% natural product with no colorings or preservatives, penetrates straight into the skin, with immediate benefical effects.
Use Morgan Blue Lotion to remove Mucle oil color 1.
Do not apply to open or damaged skin. Wash hands very carfully after applaying, avoid contact with eyes, ears and mouth.